The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Has The Simplest And Best Explanation For Gravitational Waves

Don't Understand Gravitational Waves? The Late Show Has The Only Video You'll Need

Gravitational waves are a big deal, there's no doubt about that. Where there might be doubt however, and understandably so, is around what Einstein's momentous theory actually means.

Just going around saying that we've discovered them isn't the same as actually explaining what they are and why they're important, a fact that has not been overlooked by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Thankfully America's driest TV show host is on hand with theoretical physicist Brian Greene to help make sense of it all, and amazingly, they do, while having fun!

Turns out all you need are a couple of lasers and Stephen Colbert shouting the word 'SCIENCE' really loudly and Einstein's 100-year old theory just clicks into place.

Gravitational Waves it turns out aren't just something to make a cake over, they're proof that space is in fact held together by this 'fabric' known as spacetime. Every time something of mass moves or exists it 'bends' that space time causing ripples.

These ripples are known as gravitational waves. Why's this important? Well for starters it conclusively proves what physicists have been working on for years which in itself must be cause for deep relief.

Secondly it will help us better understand black holes and indeed how the universe is built. What's not to like about that.


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