Raspberry Pi: 5 Reasons Why You Should Already Own One

The Raspberry Pi has become the UK's all-time best-selling computer, selling over eight million units worldwide.

Yet despite this momentous accolade many people outside of a classroom or 'tinkering shed' have probably only ever heard about it through the news.

Costing less than a video game, the £30 Raspberry Pi 3 is a miniature computer designed to be used for education and experimentation.

Whether it's designing your own WiFi-connected Kettle or learning how to code for the first time, the Raspberry Pi foundation created the small board of silicon as a stepping stone for everyone of every age.

With a veritable encyclopedia of tutorials for it, Pi is the perfect hobby gadget. With the 'Internet of Things' promising to turn almost all of our possessions into 'smart' devices as well now's the time to learn how it all works.


5 Reasons You Should Already Own A Raspberry Pi