'Tina And Bobby' Drama: Story Of England's World Cup-Winning Captain To Be Told In ITV Drama

The personal life of England's World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore is to be told in a brand new ITV drama.

The three-part series will tell the England and West Ham legend's life that he shared with his childhood sweetheart Tina Dean, from their humble beginnings to heights of sporting superstardom, crowned by victory at the World Cup in 1966.

The drama will be based on Tina Moore's memoir, 'Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best', with casting for the main roles yet to be announced.

Bobby Moore and his wife Tina were the first golden couple of football

A typist for the Prudential, Tina first met Bobby aged 15 when she "played hookey from school to go to the Ilford Palais with her cousin Jenny". Bobby was only 17 himself and, although he was an exciting emerging talent, had yet to make a first team appearance.

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Unpretentious Tina had a loving upbringing in the modest semi-detached home of her resilient mother Betty. Typically down to earth, Bobby had experienced the same nurturing relationship with his parents Big Bob and Doss, who were always to feature prominently in his life.

Tina went on to marry Bobby on 30 June 1962 with former West Ham and Manchester United full back Noel Cantwell as Bobby’s Best Man, and flamboyant football manager Malcolm Allison and the West Ham team in the congregation.

In her book, Tina relates how she and Bobby were both excited about the future and the new home they were setting up together. But she soon realised, from her honeymoon onwards, that she might have to share her new husband with his footballing friends and a whole army of fans.

As Bobby’s career flourished, Tina was happy to consider herself the first WAG, though she struggled to master life as a suburban housewife. She befriended some of her fellow WAGS – Judith Hurst, Kathy Peters and Janice Sealey – and pregnancy with their first child gave her renewed purpose.

Then in 1965 the ‘golden’ couple were dealt a devastating blow: Bobby was diagnosed with testicular cancer and faced a career threatening operation. With the World Cup around the corner it looked as if Bobby wouldn’t be eligible to play but, against all the odds, he fought his way back to fitness and the rest is well-documented sporting history.

England’s victory made Bobby and Tina national celebrities and their heady lifestyle did take its toll, though the marriage survived. However, when Bobby’s career waned and business ventures failed, the cracks started to show.

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