Sister Films Younger Brother's Shocked Reaction To Her Letting One Rip

Sister Shocks Younger Brother In A Rather Unsettling Way

Sibling rivalry means brothers and sisters will often pull the strangest of stunts on one another, just because they can.

And that's exactly what this girl decided to do to her younger brother while also filming his reaction.

The unnamed girl points the camera towards herself and makes sure her brother is visible in the background, then lets out a huge fart.

The boy was not expecting the stunt his sister pulled

It's safe to say her brother was not prepared for it and was so shocked he didn't even know if it was a joke.

"Is that real?" he says to the camera. "How is that even possible?

"I can't believe you farted like that! How?!"

His sister, on the other hand, just cracked up in hysterics.

Proving toilet humour will always go down well, the 20-second clip has amassed nearly three million views on YouTube since it was posted on 8 February.

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