New Pluto Image Could Show White CLOUDS Drifting Over The Surface

Scientists May Have Found Clouds Drifting Over Pluto's Alien Surface

In the space of just 18 months Pluto has transformed from being a mysterious ball of rock to an alien world potted with gigantic mountains made of ice and a hazy atmosphere of pure nitrogen.

Well Pluto may have just got even more interesting after an exclusive piece by New Scientist reveals that researchers may well have found clouds gently drifting over the surface.

By closely analysing all the pictures that were taken by the New Horizons spacecraft scientists were able to recognise some inconsistencies with what was believed to be Pluto's surface.

Will Grundy of the Lowell Observatory in Arizona had been closely looking at all the pictorial evidence and discovered a "few bright cloud-like things that seem to be above and cutting across the topography."

These tiny streaks can clearly be seen as overriding the mountains suggesting that Pluto does in fact have clouds.

Ever since New Horizons carried out its pass of Pluto the image that have come back have shown an incredible world that looks very similar to our own from huge scar-like canyons to searing ice mountains.

If clouds do really exist on Pluto then the view from the surface must be even more astonishing than we'd first thought.

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