What Do Women Want? 'Safety' And 'Equality At Work' Are Top Priorities, Survey Shows

Women are being encouraged to take part in a huge survey focusing on their needs, wants and attitudes.

To coincide with International Women's Day, the 'What Women Want 2.0' campaign hopes to reach over one million women, asking them what changes they hope for in the future.

If they reach the one million target, the results will form the "largest ever showcase of women’s needs, wants and attitudes", says the campaign.

The survey comes 20 years after the first 'What Women Want' campaign took place. So far it has revealed that not much has changed between 1996 and 2016 in terms of society accommodating for women's wants and needs.

In the 1996 campaign women were asked to write what changes they wanted to see happen on postcards.

Back then, women asked for no tax on tampons, equal pay and to "end patriarchy and misogyny". The issue of being able to walk the streets alone and feel safe was also brought up, multiple times.

Worryingly, the comments from women nowadays reflect those that were first made in 1996, suggesting that not an awful lot has changed.

The newest version - What Women Want 2.0 - lets women answer the same question but through an app widget.

They can then vote for entries if they agree with what has been said.

The most popular entry reads: "I want women to feel safe walking around at any time of the day or night, and for public transport to be a safer place."

The second most popular post reads: "I want real equality. I want boys and girls to be given the same messages about ambition, leadership and consent.

"I want better representation of women in politics and business. I want the media and companies to stop objectifying women to sell papers or products. I want equal support for women and men who take parental leave.

"I want a fair division and valuation of domestic work."

There are two main goals of the campaign. The first is to "capture and share" the perspectives of British women on a scale that hasn’t been done before.

"We want to hear about women’s needs and wants and opinions across all areas of society – not just women’s issues," reads the site.

"From those that impact their lives at an individual level such as happiness, work and family all the way through to biggest global challenges we face like climate change, resource efficiency and ageing population."

The survey also hopes to prompt change to happen.

"By using new technology, we will be able to provide unprecedented insight and data so that these female perspectives become a clear mandate for change.

"We want to work with organisations that can use the data to inform business cases to engagement and lobbying strategies."

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