Until Artificial Intelligence Can Beat Us At These Games Humanity Still Has Hope


Last night Google's computer program dealt a crushing blow to humanity as it beat world champion, Lee Sedol, at an ancient Chinese board game.

While the match will go down as a historic moment for AI, we wanted to know if there is still hope for humanity. Keep calm, there is.

South Korean professional Go player Lee Se-Dol loses first match to Google's artificial intelligence program

Felix, Hill, a researcher in Natural Language Processing at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge University, told the Huffington Post UK that language understanding is still a a hard skill for computer programs to master.

There are a range of "different types of knowledge you need to interpret," language he explained.

"For example, if I use a metaphor you can interpret it easily because you've had experience of this [the metaphor] before.

"In order to get perfect language understanding you need to get a pretty good robot that is a highly complex."

"It involves all the facets of what it is to be human," he added.

"We are always using past experiences to interpret things."

This means that if we took on an algorithm in a game of Diplomacy or Coup, we would still win.

"Diplomacy and Coup are some of the games that AI would find harder," Hill told HuffPost.

"You need to guess your opponents' intentions here but you also need to understand language to play the game.

"The way in which we make the moves are much less constrained -- so you can say anything in language and you have to try and interpret the language."

However, if Cluedo and Monopoly are your regular go-to games, we have bad news. AI would totally take us down at both games as both involve a finite list of scenarios that an algorithm could learn, Hill said.

For now, let us rest easy in the fact that we can still beat AI.

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