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You Need To Look After Your Underarms - Here's Why

When it comes to our daily skincare routine, we might think nothing of deliberating over the right cleanser and moisturiser for our skin-type – but our underarms tend not to get much of a look-in. A quick shave perhaps and a spritz of deodorant is about the extent of it for most of us – especially in winter when sweating is low on the agenda and underarms are tucked well away beneath all those cosy layers.

But while the temperatures might not be soaring outside just yet – longer days and blooming daffodils are a sure sign spring is just around the corner. So, as our thoughts turn to planning summer holidays, and we prepare to cast off our jackets and celebrate the return of sleeveless tops and strappy summer dresses, now is the perfect time to give our neglected underarms the attention they deserve.

For beautiful softer, smoother underarms you’ll want to flaunt this spring, choose Dove deodorant. Containing ¼ moisturising cream, Dove not only protects from the sunny season scourge of sweat and body odour, it cares for the underarm skin, too.

Feeling sensitive?

The underarms are home to some of the most sensitive skin on the body – and this is exacerbated in the warmer months when we tend to shave more often. In fact, every time you shave, up to 36% of what you remove is your own skin - no surprise then that underarm skin is more prone to redness and irritation.

But there's no need to chuck out your razor (or dreams of silky smooth skin) just yet. With its unique underarm care formula, including sunflower seed oil and glycerol, Dove is the only deodorant that contains ¼ moisturising cream, which actively repairs and rebuilds irritated underarm skin brought on by shaving. Simply cleanse the area with a mild wash before shaving, shave using a fresh, sharp blade and apply Dove deodorant to clean, dry skin.

Don't sweat it

We're all for those lazy days in the sunshine but the warmer weather also brings with it the uncomfortable subject of sweat. What many people don’t realise is that sweat itself doesn’t smell. Yes, the salty stuff that oozes out of our pores courtesy of the sweat glands is odourless. The notorious body odour we go to great lengths to avoid is in fact produced by bacteria on the surface of the skin that break down the sweat into acids.

That’s why regular cleansing and an effective and reliable antiperspirant deodorant are essential for combatting those dreaded unpleasant odours and unsightly damp patches. Dove antiperspirant deodorant, available in roll-on and spray, effectively controls the flow of sweat and reduces the bacteria that causes body odour, as well as repairing and protecting the skin and providing deep nourishment with its gentle, moisturising formula.

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