30/03/2016 07:32 BST | Updated 30/03/2016 08:59 BST

The Sun's Cleavage Selfie Competition Backfires With Hilarious Results

The Sun has launched a cleavage selfie competition to to find the best bust in Britain.

Entrants have the chance to win £1,000 and a Sun photoshoot.

Of course, the campaign has angered some on Twitter.

But we don't think The Sun was expecting such a comedic response from its male readers who took the opportunity to post some ludicrous selfies.

The classic duckface pose.

Some got their friends involved.

There were these woolly attempts.

Some entries were quite risque.

Others were keen to show off their six-packs.

Sand-d Singh even used a selfie stick to get the perfect angle.

In fact, he submitted two entries.

The competition to find the 'Bust in Britain' is open until midnight on 10 April so there's still time to unleash your inner Kelly Brook and try out for the £1,000 prize!

The Sun axed its Page 3 in 2015 after a two year campaign called 'No More Page 3' started by Lucy Holmes garnered almost 250,000 signatures in an online petition.