Miley Cyrus Is Nude On The Beach (Except For A Few Well-Placed Emojis) In New Instagram Photo (PIC)

As someone who’s spotted out of clothes more than she is in them, Miley Cyrus hardly needed an excuse to whip everything off when she hit the beach recently.


Not content with parading around naked in front of holidaymakers, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer decided to share a picture of herself posing completely starkers on the sand, with her fans on Instagram.

Oh, Miley.

stay fun or be lame #turntmermaid

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Luckily, her blushes (and our own) were spared thanks to some creative use of emojis, and the star used a massive pair of lips and teeth to cover her chest.

Surprisingly, there was no tongue, as is usually the case with the twerking singer.

Miley then covered her more, ahem, intimate area with a giant afro, complete with a comb stuck in it.

Another pic she posted showed the singer topless leaning into a car, with funny doggie emojis acting as nipple covers.

The norm @ 1030 am lol

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She caused a storm when she performed at the show with Robin Thicke in 2013, thanks to her saucy twerking. What will she get up to this time around? Your guess is as good as ours...

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