17/04/2016 01:05 BST | Updated 17/04/2017 06:12 BST

New Claims About John Whittingdale Dismissed As 'Tittle-Tattle'

Embarrassing claims about the private life of John Whittingdale have been branded "tittle-tattle" by people close to the Cabinet minister.

Former topless model Stephanie Hudson claimed the Culture Secretary had breached security protocols while they were a relationship.

Mr Whittingdale showed her confidential papers at his constituency home and also photographed Cabinet Ministers at a private meeting in Chequers before secretly texting the image to her, she claimed in the Mail on Sunday.

But sources insisted that Ms Hudson "never had access" to government documents and said the Tory MP was entitled to a private life.

Ms Hudson told the Mail on Sunday: "The Red Box was open on his breakfast table and all the papers were strewn on the table. He would show me his work schedule and the letters when I would sit next to him.

"He was always saying this important person had been writing to him and he had to respond to so and so.

"I always felt he was trying to show he was important, you know: 'Look at me, I am big.' It would have been easy to read the papers either across the kitchen table or when he was out of the room. There was something about Ofcom written on one of them."

Mr Whittingdale faced Labour calls to step aside from decisions about press regulation earlier this week after it emerged he had dated a sex worker. But he was backed by Downing Street and said to have Prime Minister David Cameron's full confidence.

A source close to John Whittingdale said: "John is a single man. He is entitled to a private life. This is just tittle tattle. Stephanie Hudson never had access to government papers."