Smoking Breaks Banned By Nottinghamshire County Council

Smoking Breaks Banned By Nottinghamshire County Council

Smoking breaks are to be banned for thousands of council employees under new rules.

Nottinghamshire County Council has said around 9,000 of its employees will be barred from smoking during work time with the ban extending to e-cigarettes.

The plans are due to come into force in May after being approved on Wednesday.

The local authority said the ban, to include all council buildings, land and vehicles, was aimed at boosting its workers' health, increasing time spent working and reducing levels of sick leave.

Joyce Bosnjak, chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Public Health Committee, said: "The harm that tobacco causes stretches across all parts of society, and if we are to make significant progress in tackling it locally, we also need to ensure that we address it in the workplace.

"We have a responsibility to protect the health of our employees.

"Giving up smoking is recognised by health professionals as the single biggest behaviour change a person can make to improve their health. We are therefore offering support and advice to staff who want to quit, to help them make this positive lifestyle change."

Staff who wish to smoke will be allowed to do so during their breaks and away from council property.


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