Asparagus Spears And Pasties A-Go-Go On Boris' Brexit Roadshow

Asparagus Spears And Pasties A-Go-Go On Boris' Brexit Roadshow

Brandishing a bunch of asparagus spears and Cornish pasty, Boris Johnson has launched the Brexit roadshow.

The best-known face of the Leave campaign was in Truro for the first outing of their battlebus tour.

In typical fashion, the former London mayor plunged into the food and craft market on Lemon Quay, glad-handing somewhat bewildered stall-holders and surrounded by a mob of cameras and reporters.

At one point he emerged triumphantly from a vegetable stall clutching a large bunch of asparagus.

He declared that even if Britain is outside the European Union, "they will be just as sprouting and just as delicious".

A small but enthusiastic group of supporters had gathered to welcome Mr Johnson onto the bright red bus along with Labour MP Gisela Stuart.

Mr Johnson said of his Remain opponents: “They think they have got the big battalions because they have the taxpayers’ money.

"We have got the passion, we have got the commitment.

"Let’s make June 24 independence day for Britain,” he roared, waving a pasty handed to him by a well-wisher.

Among the crowd gathered to see him off was 19-year-old Edward Laslett, a politics and economics student at the University of Bath.

"I want to leave the EU because we need to stop giving money to an undemocratic organisation," he said.

"It is not about being a little Englander, it’s about not being a little Europeaner."


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