Jeremy Corbyn Urges Young People To Vote In EU Referendum

Jeremy Corbyn Urges Young People To Vote In EU Referendum

Young people need to make sure their voices are heard in the Brexit referendum if they want to stay in the EU, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said.

Launching a voter registration drive in Liverpool, Mr Corbyn told an audience of youngsters that it was their future which was most at stake in the looming nationwide poll.

"This is your chance to make it clear that a vote to remain is about taking control of your future,

"The people who will be most affected by the decision we make in next month's EU referendum will not be my generation, but your generation.

"It is young people who will make the difference in this referendum," Mr Corbyn said.

The Labour leader insisted he was fully behind the Remain campaign, despite criticism that he was not showing enough enthusiasm.

"Labour is committed to a vote to remain in the EU and create a real social Europe for the future.

"We will be campaigning across the country to explain why we are convinced that staying in the European Union offers us the best hope of meeting the challenges facing our people and our continent in the 21st century.

"That goes hand in hand with an agenda for progressive reform in Europe - to increase democratic accountability, tackle tax avoidance and climate change, and strengthen workers' rights across the European Union," Mr Corbyn said.

Voters have until June 7 to register for the June 23 referendum.


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