'Game Of Thrones' Sex Scenes: Every Single Raunchy Encounter From Series 5 (VIDEO)

With series six of ‘Game Of Thrones’ upon us, one thing that fans expect is that there will be plenty of sex scenes.

We’ve already had the emotional supercut of every, single death from season five, and as we prepare for the show's return, it's now time for the annual supercut of all the scenes of sex and nudity.

Series four’s supercut clocked in at just under six minutes, but this time around, the number’s back up to six minutes and 40 seconds (though it’s no where near the totals for the first three seasons).

Obviously, this is ‘Game Of Thrones’, and many of the naked scenes are actually rather uncomfortable to watch, though we were spared some of the most traumatising scenes.

See the whole NSFW clip above…

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