'Big Brother' Sexiest Moments: 14 Most Shocking, X-Rated And Outrageous Antics In The House (PICS)

14 Raunchiest 'Big Brother' Moments EVER

Certain things are an inevitability during every series of ‘Big Brother’. There will be bitching. There will be cries of “I’m just telling it like it is” and “at the end of the day”. There will, for some reason, be a task involving all of the housemates getting an electric shock. And there will be some seriously raunchy moments.

Right from the show’s debut in 2000, the ‘BB’ house has been the site of some of the most risqué and boundary-pushing moments in reality TV history, and as the years have rolled on, things have become increasingly more provocative.

As if the sight of the housemates painting the walls with their naked bodies in series one wasn’t quite enough, we later saw Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson disappearing under the kitchen table, countless games of spin the bottle, and a decade later, who could forget Steven Goode’s plea of “open it” to Kimberly Kisselovich in the ‘BB’ bedroom (not us, that’s for sure, no matter how hard we’ve tried).

Some of the raciest 'BB' moments from over the years

And if you thought the celebrities on ‘CBB’ would be any better then you’d be mistaken - we were still getting over Lee Ryan’s shenanigans from 2014 when suddenly Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell arrived on the scene last January, making headlines with their antics from inside the house (despite the fact she was famously dating model Sam Reece at the time).

Here are just 14 of the most jaw-dropping and x-rated moments from the reality series’ 16-year history…


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