Kevin Hart Reveals Touching First Car Story On Top Gear

Kevin Hart Reveals Touching First Car Story On Top Gear

Comedian Kevin Hart has revealed the touching story behind his first car when growing up in poverty in Philadelphia.

The Central Intelligence actor will appear on Top Gear on Sunday to tackle the Stars in a Rally Cross Car challenge and he explained that his first car was a gift from his older brother Robert that he knew his single mother Nancy could never afford.

He said: "My first car, my mum couldn't afford to get me a car. This was when my Dad wasn't really in my life as much as he should have been.

"So my brother, he went and mustered up some money and bought me the car.

"At the time, it wasn't new, it didn't start all the time but, you know, it was my baby. It was my first car."

He said he has since returned the favour.

He added: "I've gotten my brother some cars to date, but nothing is ever going to surpass what he did for me."

Hart's competitive spirit comes out when he is pitted against boxer Anthony Joshua in the rubber-burning motoring challenge.

Speaking about his time on the famous Top Gear track, Hart told host Chris Evans: "Ate that track up, yeah, that's what I did! I made the track my b****."

Noticeably absent from the latest episode will be the infamous footage of Matt LeBlanc and racing driver Ken Block performing stunts around the Cenotaph, which Evans branded "disrespectful" and said he would not want aired.

A BBC spokeswoman confirmed that the footage will not appear, saying: "The Cenotaph was never intended to feature in the programme and therefore will not appear in the final film."

Viewers will be able to see the rest of LeBlanc's tour of London in Block's "Hoonicorn", Evans' struggle to keep his lunch down as he rides with Sabine Schmitz in the new Audi R8, Rory Reid test the new Ford Focus RS, and Chris Harris attempt to tackle Ferrari's F12 TDF.

Top Gear airs on BBC Two on Sunday at 8pm.


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