Lily Allen's Stalker Is Sectioned After Leaving Star Terrified

Lily Allen's Stalker Is Sectioned After Leaving Star Terrified

A mentally ill stalker who broke into pop star Lily Allen’s bedroom, forcing her to leave the family home for good, has been sectioned by a judge.

Obsessed Alex Gray’s criminal campaign of abuse also involved contacting the British singer on social media, handing her offensive letters and a “romantic CD”, and accusing her of “stealing” lyrics he had written.

The 31-year-old, of Perth, showed no emotion as he was handed an indeterminate hospital order and restraining order for burglary and stalking at Harrow Crown Court, north London, on Friday.

Ms Allen was not present for the hour-long hearing, but a victim impact statement read before the judge said she was “left terrified for my and my children’s safety”, having been in the room when the defendant gained access to her flat.

She said the presence of another person with her at the time was likely to have scared him off.

Sentencing, Judge Martyn Barklem said Gray had told police he would “cut her with a knife”.

The judge said: “This was a terrifying experience for (Lily Allen), and it was extremely fortunate there was an adult male in the property who evicted Mr Gray from it.”

Gray was convicted of one count of burglary and one count of stalking involving serious alarm or distress during his trial in April.

The court heard he broke into the Smile singer's former home, in Queen's Park, where he stole a handbag, a mobile phone, jewellery, a hard drive, a set of keys, a glass vase and cash.

He believed he was owed "millions" from Ms Allen, who he accused of stealing his lyrics to further her pop career - something the court heard was "a delusion".

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Ms Allen - referred to by her married name Cooper - said the defendant had a "crazy obsession" with her.

Describing the campaign of abuse, and the effect of the burglary on her and her family, she said: "The impact of Mr Gray's actions upon me has been massive.

"I had already been incredibly disturbed and upset by the letters Mr Gray sent, and his contact on social media, but the break-in at my home was absolutely terrifying.

"I believe he came into my bedroom that night believing I would be alone.

"The fact that I was not alone was probably the reason why I don't think he went any further.

"I don't think this was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but rather something he thought about for some time."

Describing the moment she saw Gray emerge in her room, she said: "I didn't recognise the man shouting at me in my bedroom.

"I was in shock and could not sleep. The man's manner was eerie and so odd, I wondered if it could be the man who was sending me malicious letters. He came in thinking I was alone. He thought he knew me, but he didn't."

The court heard she opened her locked bedroom door, after she heard banging against it, where Gray was stood shouting: "Where is my father? What have you done with my father?"

The court heard Gray's father had died before the incident.

The singer, daughter of actor Keith Allen and sister to Game of Throne star Alfie, said she "lived in terror" that Gray "might break into my house again and attack me and my children".

She said: "I was too terrified to stay in my Queen's Park flat.

"I couldn't stay there knowing how easy it was for him to break in and how vulnerable my children were."


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