23/06/2016 14:03 BST | Updated 24/06/2017 06:12 BST

England Captain Wayne Rooney Bats Away EU Vote Questions

Wayne Rooney may be trying to keep his team in Europe - but refused to say whether he voted in the EU referendum.

The England captain said the players at the Euro 2016 tournament in France had been given the chance to vote.

Manchester United star Rooney said his own views on the issue were "private" and added "whatever happens will happen".

Former Manchester United players David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, along with ex-Liverpool and England star John Barnes, have all spoken out in recent days about their support for the Remain campaign.

Rooney said the current squad had been able to take part in the referendum, adding: "The option has been there for the players. I don't know which ones have or which ones haven't, but they have certainly had the option.

"In terms of myself, I like to keep it private."

Asked if he had voted, Rooney added: "I don't really want to speak about it. I like to keep it private. Whatever happens will happen."

England made the last 16 of the tournament by coming second in the group stage, behind Wales.

The Three Lions will play Iceland on Monday. 

Rooney's comments, in the latest England press conference, were swiftly mocked on social media.

Twitter user @Kennaz2 said: "Not one of them is any good at crosses, so 23 wasted ballet papers then."