Prince's 'Purple Rain' Shirt Sells For A HUGE Amount Of Cash

Prince's 'Purple Rain' Shirt Sells For A HUGE Amount Of Cash

A white ruffled shirt worn by Prince in 'Purple Rain' has sold at auction for 32 times its asking price, fetching nearly 100,000 dollars (£75,000).

The New Romantic-style ivory silk shirt and a black-and-white blazer from the 1984 film sold for 96,000 dollars (£72,300) each at the sale in California.

The shirt was similar to the one pictured

Auction house Profiles In History said the signature shirt worn by Prince's character The Kid had an asking price of 3,000-5,000 dollars (£2,300-3,800) before the auction.

A pair of knee-length high-heeled boots from Prince's 1988 Lovesexy tour sold for 17,920 dollars (£13,500), while a necklace from his Diamonds and Pearls music video fetched 8,320 dollars (£6,300). A white ruffled shirt from Prince's Purple Rain tour sold for 32,000 dollars (£24,100).

Profiles In History founder Joe Maddalena said the blazer from the film - which had an asking price of six to eight thousand dollars - was already going to be sold before Prince's sudden death in April.

The late music star's make-up artist was given the jacket after she worked with the musician on Purple Rain, he said.

Speaking before the sale, Mr Maddalena said: "It just happened to be one of those coincidences that unfortunately he passed away.

"Probably the signature thing he is known for is Purple Rain. It's what made his career. It's probably what he'll be remembered for always.

"To have an important piece like this is pretty astonishing and an amazing opportunity."

A spokesman for Profiles In History refused to reveal who bought the items from the Icons of Hollywood sale.

A Swarovski crystal studded glove worn by Michael Jackson on his 1992 Dangerous world tour was also due to auctioned but was removed from the sale.

Prince, 57, was found dead at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota on April 21 from an accidental overdose of powerful painkiller Fentanyl.

Last week a yellow Cloud electric guitar that Prince played in concerts sold for more than £100,000 at an auction.

The owner of the American football team the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay, bought the guitar that Prince used at gigs until the mid-1990s.

Mr Irsay, who collects musical instruments, paid 137,500 dollars (£103,000) for the guitar when it went on sale at Heritage Auctions in Beverley Hills, California.

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