01/08/2016 00:50 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 06:12 BST

Leave Vote Shocked Brexit Camp - Gisela Stuart

Leading Leave campaigners were surprised they won the EU referendum, high-profile Labour Brexit advocate Gisela Stuart has admitted.

The MP insisted the ground-breaking vote was a shock to people in the Out camp.

"I think there was some surprise among some of the figures that we actually won, and won more decisively than we had hoped for," she said.

"I kind of stopped thinking about it because you just keep going and at the end of the day, hope your pile of votes is bigger than the other side’s," Ms Stuart told BBC's Westminster Hour.

Ms Stuart denied the Out camp had failed to prepare people for the reality of an EU exit.

"In terms of accusations of ‘What was the plan?’, the plan was quite clear. We voted to leave. And we showed examples of how voting to leave could be effected and I certainly will make sure now that the Government does what the people asked it to do," she said.