09/08/2016 00:01 BST | Updated 09/08/2017 06:12 BST

Fancy Working As A Space Tour Guide? Report Predicts Jobs Of The Future

Technology will transform the world of work in the next decade, with new jobs including a human body designer and space tour guide, a new report predicts.

Only a third of university students believe their chosen career will exist in 10 years' time, said a report by Microsoft and The Future Laboratory.

Jobs in virtual reality design, robotic engineering and visual communications will be among the jobs of the future, it was predicted.

Steve Tooze, of The Future Laboratory, said: "Technological change, economic turbulence and societal transformation are disrupting old career certainties, making it increasingly difficult to judge which degrees and qualifications will remain a passport to a well-paid and fulfilling job in the decades ahead.

"In the next decade, a technological revolution, essentially a second industrial revolution, will open up inspiring and exciting new career opportunities in sectors of the economy that are only in their infancy today. The trick for graduates is predicting what those new jobs will be."

Ryan Asdourian, of Microsoft, said: "While these jobs may seem like the realms of science fiction, in reality they are indicative of changes that we are already seeing today.

"At Microsoft, on a daily basis, our devices are being used by creatives at the forefront of their industries developing new ways to work, collaborate and create."