01/10/2016 16:58 BST | Updated 02/10/2017 06:12 BST

Anti-Heathrow Expansion Protesters Stage Airport 'Die-In'

Activists campaigning against airport expansion and climate change have staged a "die-in" flashmob demonstration at Heathrow.

Scores of protesters, some wearing dust masks and others decked in banners, lay on the floor in terminal two at the airport on Saturday as bemused airline passengers watched on.

The protesters read out testimonies from communities affected by climate change, urging those taking flights to think about the impact they have.

A second demonstration was held at the nearby Harmondsworth Detention Centre, where protesters dressed in red lay on the ground and obstructed traffic to highlight the link between climate impacts and migration, while a "picnic" protest was also held at Gatwick airport earlier on Saturday.

The campaigns were linked to other demonstrations around the world opposing airport expansion, timed to coincide with a UN conference addressing the impact of aviation.

Mary Adams from Reclaim the Power, the activism organisation behind the protest, said: "Expanding airports is completely irresponsible and will bring us out of reach of our own targets to stop climate change.

"This problem isn't being caused by business or normal families taking a holiday, but a wealthy elite 'binge flying', often to second homes. Yet it's poorer countries that are the hardest-hit by climate change, even though they have done the least to cause the problem.

"Expanding Heathrow is incompatible with creating a fairer and more equal world."

Ministers are currently considering whether to support the plans for Heathrow or Gatwick, and a decision is expected in the coming weeks.