24/11/2016 19:13 GMT | Updated 24/11/2016 19:14 GMT

Brace Yourself, A Small Screen Superhero Crossover Is Coming

The Arrow, the Flash and friends are killing it on the small screen.

Mike Blake / Reuters
Leave Superman, Batman and Aquaman to the big screen. But we'll take The Flash and his friends.

US television network, the CW, has just released the trailer for an epic four-show DC crossover event and it looks like comic book fans are in for a treat.

If you don't know your Marvel from your DC, here's the layperson's explanation of what we're in for.

Four years ago, US television network the CW brought us "Arrow", which follows the adventures of less well-known but equally grim billionaire playboy who's out to save his city from a rotating cast of baddies. Many consider the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen to be Batman-Lite - all gadgets, no powers, less Gothic.

The show is fairly lighthearted in tone - in South Africa it airs on the youth-oriented TV channel Vuzu AMP - and if you're looking for serious melodrama, this isn't the place to find it. But what Arrow does provide is an addictive blend of crime-solving, fight scenes and team banter, with a bit of romantic tension thrown in for good measure. It quickly became a small screen hit, and rapidly produced three spinoffs, including ones for Superman's younger cousin, "Supergirl," and for "the fastest man alive", aka "The Flash".

Crossover events have been a feature of the show since its second season and next week, the entire DC TV family will come together for the first time, in one epic crossover.

If there is even an ounce of superhero love in your heart, you will want to see this. (If you're a regular viewer, watch out for spoilers.)