31/01/2017 18:12 GMT | Updated 31/01/2017 18:18 GMT

Tinder Founder Says To Put Your Phone Away When Dating

Ironic (yet sage) advice.

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Swipe right to find love.

If you've never used Tinder it's likely you've been married for the past four years. If you've never heard of it, how's that rock you live under?

Tinder is a smartphone app that turned the dating scene on it's head. And the bloke who started it wasn't a creep who wanted lure in women, or tech nerd who wanted to build a successful app -- he was just a regular shy guy.

"The whole Tinder thing came about because I was a little shy," Tinder founder Sean Rad told The Huffington Post Australia.

"When I saw a person I wanted to approach, being shy held me back and I was hesitant. I wanted a way to be able to know if someone was also interested in talking to me."

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Rad was just a regular guy looking for love.

Rad's bright idea paid off. Since it's launch in 2012, Tinder has expanded to 196 countries and has 26 million matches on the platform per day. PER DAY. And not only that -- he found himself a partner.

"At the time my dating like wasn't very exciting, hence designing the app. After Tinder launched I was then in a long-term relationship with someone I met on Tinder, so I guess I am a good case study."

As for what it's done for dating, think about it. Being single is tough -- you have to go out to bars or barbecues to meet people, but how often does that happen? Just on weekends, if that? Tinder lets you court prospective love interests without changing out of your trackies. And as for those who say it makes love cheap? Good news -- it's not compulsory.

"It has changed the dating scene because it's now easier to work out who is interested in interacting with you. Whether it's marriage, love, new friends or hook ups that amount from your use of Tinder, it connects you to people you otherwise might not ever meet. The more you swipe the more Tinder learns about what you do and don't like, and the more interactions you'll have," Rad said.

When it comes to a good Tinder profile, don't book that photo shoot at Star Shots just yet.

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Save these kind of shots for mum at Christmas. In a nice frame.

"Surprisingly, modeling images don't do well on Tinder," Rad said.

That's not because people are afraid they are getting Catfished, It's because it's not real life.

"I think it's because it's not genuine. Instead of using model shots, show what you're really like. When choosing images make sure they say something about you and show who you really are. Just be yourself."

The same goes for your bio. It's probably not the best place to reveal you're a racist bigot, but me truthful and make it interesting.

"Your bio is important, too. Make it personal. And when reaching out to message someone on Tinder, ask questions that will reveal what the person likes and is into."

Once you're hooked on the other person's banter, it's time to meet up IRL (dun dun duuuun!)

"After you've met on Tinder and it's time for your first date the rest is up to you -- that's not my area of expertise! I will say though, and this is a common thread, just be yourself. That's the fastest way to know if you're compatible," Rad said.

Rad's biggest dating tip? Well, disabling your other Tinder notifications while you're with the person is a good place to start.

"Put your phone away! I think we're all so easily distracted by all the push notifications we get on our phones. Turn your phone off, put it away, and try to connect with the person you're on the date with."