19/02/2017 06:51 GMT | Updated 19/02/2017 06:55 GMT

Nkandla Companies Not Blacklisted

Despite Treasury ordering it to do so, non of the Nkandla companies have been blacklisted.

REUTERS/Rogan Ward
President Jacob Zuma private home, Nkandla, in 2012.

Despite being instructed to do so by National Treasury, the Department of Public Works has not blacklisted any of the companies involved in the Nkandla scandal, according to eNCA TV station.

And it appears as if the department only began looking into the matter after the broadcaster's reporters began asking questions, the report says.

eNCA noted that President Jacob Zuma assured the companies would be held to account after the Constitutional Court found he had violated his oath of office during the saga, when his Nkandla residence was "upgraded" with a swimming pool, chicken run and other non-necessities to the tune of more than R300 million.

According to the report, Zuma said: "The office of the Chief Procurement Officer has been established at the National Treasury for this purpose, of ensuring that strict supply-chain-procedures are followed by government departments. Government also took a conscious decision to clean-up the Department of Public Works to ensure that the flouting of supply-chain-procedures is eradicated and prevented."

Now eNCA has discovered that nothing came of this.

Public Works Director-General Mziwonke Dlabantu told eNCA: "I think after your enquiries, I began a process of enquiring as to the appropriateness and took legal counsel on the matter."

He said he had written to all the companies involved asking them to provide reasons, within 14 days, as to why they should not be restricted from doing business with government for ten years.

"I think hindsight is exact science," Dlabantu reportedly said.