Mother's Day 2017: Seven Craft Ideas To Give As Gifts From Kids To Mums

Mother's Day gifts from young children are so much more appreciated if they have that personal touch.

Before kids grow up and have the funds to buy flowers or presents themselves, the fruits of a secret weekend craft session with an adult are sure to go down a treat.

We've found some Mother's Day craft ideas that toddlers and children can easily make for their mum.

1. Handprint flowers

Flowers are a go-to gift idea for Mother's Day but if your child is too young to buy flowers, you can try this instead.

The flower is an outline of your child's handprint. Be sure to use different coloured paper and buttons to make it even more vibrant.

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2. Hanging sign

This sign could be customised to hang on the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study door - or a place where mum spends a lot of time.

You can use pegs and multiple materials to decorate the sign and even add a Mother's Day quote to the front.

3. Flower pots

Use recycled tins of beans to paint and personalise for flowers to be put inside.

Remember to a) wash the tins out properly and b) cover the edges with tissue or paper for safety.

4. Personalised frames

You can pick up cheap frames from local pound shops and stick a sweet picture in them, but nothing beats adding a bit of creativity to the mix.

Use coloured tissue paper and cut out letters and symbols to personalise the frame for your family.

5. Tote bags

Everyone can use a tote bag that is not only good for the environment, but avoids the 5p plastic bag charge.

You can buy plain white canvas bags online and use fabric paint to decorate. Beware, it could get messy.

6. Beaded keyrings

Rather than painting pasta to create keyrings and jewellery that your child's mum might not wear, why not get them to pick out different coloured beads?

All sewing shops will stock the silver keyring holders as well as beads. Ask children to pick out their mum's favourite colours and it might well end up on her keys.

7. Cup of tea card

Combining two things many mums will love - a cup of tea and flowers.

This creation doubles up as a card, too and will require cutting out a template of a mug.

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