Kong Actor John Goodman Honoured With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Kong Actor John Goodman Honoured With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Actor John Goodman paid tribute to the women in his life as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 64-year-old was joined by Oscar winners Brie Larson and Jeff Bridges as well as British actor Tom Hiddleston at the ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard.

Goodman, who fought a high-profile battle with alcoholism, was honoured close to the star awarded to his former co-star Roseanne Barr, the creator of US sitcom Roseanne.

After International Women's Day took place on Wednesday, Goodman said on stage: "I would be remiss if I didn't mention - this week especially - the women, without whom I would not be here.

"A mother who had to scrape by on survival wages to raise two kids by herself.

"The many teachers who tried to knock some sense into me, some of it worked.

"Roseanne, thank you. I don't think I'd be up here if it wasn't for her. She really took a lot of heat but she was always right and I love her.

"My daughter Molly who always puts a smile on my face when I need it most.

"And then the love of my life, Anna Beth, who for a long time put up with more than a person should have to or need to but we came out on top."

Larson, who appears opposite Goodman and Hiddleston in the new blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, described him as a "father figure".

"He's an incredible father, he's an incredible husband - from what I can tell - and he is a lover of humanity," she said.

"With every role he plays he brings truth and honesty to this world.

"He is now ingrained in the veins of Los Angeles."

Bridges, who starred in The Big Lebowski with Goodman, donned the cardigan worn by his character, The Dude, in the cult 1998 film.

Referring to Goodman as "Walter", his character in the Coen brothers' movie, Bridges said: "He's a man of our times and he has become a legend.

"In accordance with what we think may be your final wishes, we have committed to these sidewalks in the bosom of Hollywood that you love so well, a star for you. A star because we love you so well."

Goodman earned a Golden Globe and seven Emmy nominations for his role as working class father Dan Conner in Roseanne, which ran from 1988 to 1997.

His film career has included six movies by the Coen brothers, such as Raising Arizona, Barton Fink and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

He has also starred in a string of family films, playing Fred Flintstone in the 1994 live action version of The Flintstones and voicing the character of Sully in Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

His other notable films include Argo, The Artist, Flight and Blues Brothers 2000.

The actor had a stint in rehab in 2007 and spoke about his battle with alcoholism in an interview with the Guardian in 2012.

He told the newspaper: "It was becoming more and more debilitating. It was life or death. It was time to stop."

Goodman was presented with the 2,604th star on the walk of fame.


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