Police Officer Sacked Over Parking Fine Lies

Police Officer Sacked Over Parking Fine Lies

A police constable has been dismissed without notice after parking his unmarked police car on a red route in London and later falsely claiming it was necessary to complete his duties.

A two-day hearing concluded that Pc Lee Wilson, based in Greenwich, was guilty of gross misconduct as a result of the incident in Blackheath Hil, south-east London on May 24 2015 and his subsequent denials to senior officers.

He had completed an application to withdraw the penalty charge notice and dishonestly stated that he was engaged in official police duties at the time of the incident.

"The actions of this officer undermines public confidence in that the officer did not follow parking regulations and had no policing purpose to be where he was and then decided to be deceitful about the matter," said Detective Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner, of the force's Directorate of Professional Standards.

"His conduct has fallen below the standards of what we expect and the public deserve of their police officers."


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