10/03/2017 14:40 GMT | Updated 10/03/2017 16:10 GMT

No, Amal Clooney Wasn't 'Showing Off Her Baby Bump' At The UN

International human rights lawyer Amal Clooney gave an emotional speech Thursday in New York City urging the United Nations to pursue an investigation into crimes committed by the self-titled Islamic State, including genocide, rape and kidnapping.

However, some publications chose to focus on her “baby bump,” instead.  

Clooney, who is expecting twins with husband George Clooney, made headlines inmultiplepublications not for the urgent and harrowing situation involving the militant group or the young Yazidi victim she is representing, but rather for how her pregnant figure looked in a yellow dress.

Thankfully, people on Twitter were around to call them out.

Time magazine was the subject of much of the criticism for its tweet: “Amal Clooney shows off her baby bump at the United Nations.” The tweet linked to a People story featured on Time’s millennial-focused Motto site, which was updated early Friday to include details beyond her fashion choice.

Dear world: Do better. 

Drew Angerer via Getty Images
Amal Clooney attends an event titled "The Fight against Impunity for Atrocities: Bringing Da'esh to Justice."