22/04/2017 14:35 BST | Updated 23/04/2017 05:22 BST

Jeremy Corbyn In Tory Marginal Seat To Urge Labour Activists 'Go For It'

Fired-up Jeremy Corbyn ordered activists to "go for it" as he visited a Tory marginal on the first weekend of Labour’s “flying start” election campaign.

Mr Corbyn was mobbed and met with cheers from around 100 party activists knocking doors and posting leaflets in the Warrington South constituency.

He spent around 50 minutes on the visit, knocking on a door himself - of a local Labour Party member.

The Labour leader was also buttonholed by a member of the public asking about the break-up of the union and shook hands with a local teacher and a newly joined party member who came over to him in the street to give their support.

Speaking to activists, Mr Corbyn, on his eighth campaign visit since the election was called last week, said: "We're calling time on this Tory government and we've got until June the 8th to get a message out there.

"A message out there of what this country could be. What it could achieve, for everybody. So that nobody and no community is left behind.

"So when we knock on those doors, the message is of hope, the message is of opportunity, the message is of decency for older people and opportunities for younger people.

"We embrace the entire community, that is the Labour way and that is the Labour message.

"Go for it. Get those votes, get their support."

Earlier Mr Corbyn visited a phone bank operation being run by Unison in Manchester and later will travel to Crewe to do another stump speech in the town centre.

Warrington South was held by Labour until 2010 and Tory MP, with a majority of 2,750 in 2015, is being targeted by Corbyn's supporters.