12/06/2017 08:58 BST

Tories Preparing To 'Prune' Manifesto After Failing To Win Majority

Parts of the Tory manifesto will be "pruned away" as Theresa May prepares for a showdown with Conservative MPs amid anger over the way the party saw its majority wiped out in the General Election.

The Prime Minister sought to stave off another Tory civil war ahead of her appearance before the backbench 1922 Committee by bringing former justice secretary Michael Gove in from the cold less than a year after she sacked him.

His appointment as Environment Secretary came after former chancellor George Osborne branded her a "dead woman walking", warning that she could be ousted from No 10 in a matter of days.

Brexit Secretary David Davis told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We are being given an instruction by the British people and we've got to carry it out.

"That may mean that some elements of the manifesto will be pruned away, shall we say."

He sidestepped questions on whether controversial social care plans, branded a "dementia tax" by opposition parties, would be ditched by the party ahead of the Queen's Speech on June 19.