05/07/2017 09:43 BST | Updated 05/07/2017 09:43 BST

15 Things David Mahlobo Knew About Before They Happened, But Didn't Tell Us

What's the use of intelligence if we can't use it to predict the future?

State Security Minister David Mahlobo has almost everyone laughing at him after he claimed on Tuesday his department knew about violent protests in Vuwani a year before they happened. If the state security minister knew this a year in advance, then he must have been able to gather enough intelligence to prevent 20-plus schools from being burned down in the area.

A false prophet maybe? Why didn't Mahlobo act when he had a chance?

He told eNCA on Wednesday morning that intelligence was deployed but in an area like Vuwani, there is a lot of plantations, which makes stopping protests more tricky.

"They'll actually do the burning from this side and go to the other side. Those are some of the issues," he said.

In the interview above with HuffPostSA, Mahlobo said journalists should not make assessments of failure from the intelligence department when they don't understand what goes into the work they do.

"The message I was sending was: sometimes journalists are not actually experts in the field, they want to jump to conclusions," he said.

Reporters laughed during the briefing, and based on his facial expression, people seemed to think Mahlobo realised that what he had said wasn't good for anyone involved.

From this statement, people are drawing out the fact that Mahlobo clearly sits on vital information and doesn't do anything to help people out of those situations.

These are some of the funniest things people say Mahlobo knew about but didn't tell us.

  • 1.
    #Mahlobo new 5 years ago that ANC will loose metros and did not report it to uBaba
  • 2.
    @gwalax @Radio702 David #Mahlobo knew about this 👇30 years ago. As to why he didn't alert Ford... that remains a m…
  • 3.
    David #Mahlobo ...he knows
  • 4.
    When you hear that David Mahlobo knew 10 years ago that Generations will fire 16 Actors and start Generations The L…
  • 5.
    I already know who going to be President. #Mahlobo
  • 6.
    #Mahlobo knew about a year before it happened that BabesWodumo will not win any Award.
  • 7.
    #Mahlobo knew that I'd be broke and single this year but did nothing!
  • 8.
    When you hear that David Mahlobo knew 3 years ago that Orlando Pirates will not qualify for top 8 last season…
  • 9.
    He also knew 40yrs ago that Zuma, Duduzane & Gupta family will run South Africa as their own, he even knew about lo…
  • 10.
    #Mahlobo knew 7 years ago that the newly bought prasa trains will not fit in SA railways @gwalax
  • 11.
    Two years ago #Mahlobo knew he would open mouth & insert foot in that #ANCNPC press conference. Intelligence for wh…
  • 12.
    @gwalax #Mahlobo This gent knew that ALL the Emails of State Capture would be leaked 2yrs ago!
  • 13.
    Can't believe that #Mahlobo knew that Euphonic will insult the whole country and did nothing about that.
  • 14.
    Minister #Mahlobo knew 5 years ago that deputy President doesn't automatically graduate to be President.
  • 15.
    #Mahlobo knew 5 years ago that She made the things that it cannot make the pots to be done DAMN YOU MINISTER!
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