19/08/2017 15:13 BST | Updated 19/08/2017 15:13 BST

HuffPost Weekly Review: Manana Resigns, Makhosi Removed, and Mugabe On The Run

These are the top 3 stories in South Africa that you need to know from this third week of August 2017.

1. I AM SORRY -- Former deputy minister of higher education Mduduzi Manana said citizens "have every right to be angry" at him in an apology he circulated after resigning from his position. Many on social media said the resignation was long overdue. Read his apology here.

2. A (DIS)GRACE? -- Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe did not pitch at a SADC summit in Pretoria on Saturday despite being expected to attend. Meanwhile, a SAPS investigation into her alleged assault of Gabriella Engels was provisionally suspended after an application for diplomatic immunity was received. Nevertheless, Mugabe may not have made it out of the woods just yet. Read here.

3.'IRRETRIEVABLE BREAKDOWN' -- ANC MP Makhosi Khoza said she was not surprised by her axing as chair of a portfolio committee chair in Parliament this week and has "no regrets for fighting". Meanwhile, the ANCYL wants harsher punishment for the outspoken MP. Could other MPs be next in the firing line? Read here.

These are more stories you shouldn't miss from the week that was:

1. REMEMBERING MARIKANA -- "We still see mining companies as criminals... they make so much money but we live in shacks," says an activist during the five year Marikana Massacre commemorations. Nothing much seems to have changed for people living there, and things are especially hard for the families of the killed miners. Watch here.

2. MKHIZE FOR PRESIDENT? -- Although ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize's name has been thrown into the presidential race, it seems this unassuming dark horse has no intention of going after the big prize. Instead, Mkhize is strategically positioned to claim the next best thing -- the title of deputy president. Read it here.

3. REGULATING CHURCHES -- The complexity of trying to regulate South Africa's religious leaders is examined in this special analysis. Pastor Mboro tells HuffPost SA that Christianity is being targeted, but watchdogs say some kind of regulation is needed to stop church leaders exploiting vulnerable congregants. Read here.

4. GOING FOR GOLD -- South African sports stars like Semenya, Wayde Van Niekerk and Chad Le Clos are testament to our path to worldwide sporting domination. Here's a timeline of the past 10 years. Read here.

5. LINDIWE SISULU -- Most of the political discourse around presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu has been pretty sexist, reckons Fazlin Fransman. "When we criticise Lindiwe Sisulu, let's make sure it's fair, proportionate and based in reality," she says. Read here.

6. TRUMP WATCH -- President Donald Trump actually thinks a divided country will save him, writes Huffington Post's Howard Fineman and this explains his comments about Charlottesville. "Donald Trump seems perfectly willing to destroy the country to maintain his own power...The goal, as always with Trump, is to win amid the chaos he sows, to be the last man standing in rubble." Read here.

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