21/08/2017 13:33 BST | Updated 21/08/2017 13:34 BST

Here's Dr Tumi's 4 Pointers For Gospel Singers, After Filling Up The Dome

"The adrenalin is still so high I can barely sleep."


Dr Tumisang Makweya says he is still high on adrenalin after successfully filling up the Ticketpro Dome on Sunday.

Speaking to HuffPost SA on Monday, Makweya said he could barely sleep after the show. "I slept only for three hours and have been awake for the rest of the time, just living in the moment and taking in all the excitement. I am truly grateful to God for pulling off the amazing night that was. I just hope he can see how grateful my heart is because there are no words I can use that would put properly how I'm feeling right now," he explained.

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The multi-award winning singer and songwriter said post production world continues to make sure the album is ready for release in a month's time.

On the backdrop of his success, Dr Tumi wants aspiring gospel artists to away these four lessons:

1. Always remember there's nothing too hard for God.

2. Sometimes people will say no to things you want to pursue but don't listen to them. Just because they could not do it, it doesn't mean you will fail at it.

3. When you make a success of your craft, never change. Remain humble and relatable to people.

4. Be very original. Yes, you can learn from people, but don't imitate others. People will love and listen to you because you are you.

Dr Tumi's event, the gathering of worshipers had 20,000 in attendance, filling up the venue to capacity.

In a previous interview, Dr Tumi told HuffPost SA that his next move also involves a world tour. He recently signed an international distribution deal with Universal Music.

"Next for me is definitely bigger. We need to take Jesus to the nations out there. A world tour is definitely next on the list," he said.