PM Vows To Put Pressure On North Korea Over Missile Launch As She Heads To Japan

PM Vows To Put Pressure On North Korea Over Missile Launch As She Heads To Japan

Theresa May has vowed to build international pressure on North Korea over its “reckless provocation” as she travelled to Japan for talks on the crisis.

The Prime Minister, who was “outraged” by the launch of a missile by Pyongyang which flew over Japan, said she would discuss the situation with her counterpart Shinzo Abe during the visit.

The missile is the latest in a series of test launches by Kim Jong Un’s regime but the trajectory over the Japanese island of Hokkaido increases the tensions in a region already on heightened alert.

US President Donald Trump said that “all options are on the table” in terms of a response to the latest launch.

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As she prepared to fly to Japan, Mrs May said: “This action by North Korea is reckless provocation. These are illegal tests and we strongly condemn them.

“There will be an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council later this afternoon and we will continue to work with our international partners to put pressure on North Korea to stop these illegal tests.

“And of course, I will have the opportunity on my visit to Japan over the next few days to be discussing these issues with Prime Minister Abe.”

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called it a reckless act (Kyodo News via AP)

Asked if she had any reservations about the trip to Japan following the missile launch, Mrs May said: “No. I’m absolutely clear that trip to Japan will go ahead.

“It gives me the opportunity to sit down with Prime Minister Abe over the next few days to discuss the action that North Korea has taken.”

People watch a TV screen showing file footage of North Korea’s missile launch (Ahn Young-joon/AP)


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