01/09/2017 16:08 BST | Updated 01/09/2017 16:08 BST

Why Rajesh Kumar From "Isidingo" Wants To Become A Board Member Of The SABC

He had MPs star-struck.

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Actor Jack Devnarain.

"Isidingo's" Rajesh Kumar has flipped the script and now wants to become a board member at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). No jokes, he had Parliament eating out of the palm of his hand on Thursday as he answered tough questions effortlessly.

Yes, actor Jack Devnarain thinks he is the perfect person for the job although many might not take him seriously. He was part of a second round of interviews where candidates were grilled for a position at the public broadcaster.

"I am a very capable and effective member in part of my own profession in been on the executive of South Africa Guild of Actors (Saga) and having served as the chairperson for the last four years," Devnarain boasted.

When asked by HuffPost SA what he had to say about those who aren't taking him seriously he said it was a pity that people could not separate his career from his real life.

"It is my business as an actor to create fantasy and for some people, for many people unfortunately they are unable to distinguish the two and I do not think I have the capacity to help those people separate one from the other," he said.

Devnarain had MPs star-struck with them constantly referring to him as "Rajesh".

"Should I call you Rajesh. You make some of us late for work sometimes..." MP Mondli Gungubele said, much to Parliament's amusement.

Devnarain's interview mainly focused on the rights of artists, especially those who were contracted performers. He urged MPs not to allow the independence of the public broadcaster to be contaminated by political interference especially its editorial policies.

The actor was first a policeman when he realised his love for performing. He has been in the industry for 15 years with roles in "City Ses'la" and "37 Honey Street" among others.

In "Isidingo", he plays the character of a successful businessman who gets to run a couple of businesses in the small fictional mining town of Horizon Deep. He even heads up the local television station ONTV and a mine.

Meanwhile, Twitter could not resist weighing in on the matter.