Yikes! Scary Revelation About New 'It' Movie Gets Even Creepier

We're not clowning around.

A scary fact has gone viral again, but "It" might be creepier than you thought.

About five months ago, some Redditors pointed out a strange revelation about the new "It" movie: Pennywise terrorizes the made-up town of Derry, Maine, every 27 years, and the TV version of the Stephen King novel came out in 1990. Now, after 27 years, "It" has returned in 2017.

Yeah, it's weird.

But as the revelation makes the rounds again, it turns out it might be even creepier than you suspected.

HuffPost interviewed "It" actor Finn Wolfhard earlier this year, and he told us the bizarre coincidence wasn't even supposed to happen.

"Had the movie been shot the summer before, when I was in Cary Fukunaga's cast, 'It' would have come out 26 years after the 1990 miniseries. But then [director Andy Muschietti] came on, and so here we are, 27 years later," he said. "And it is every 27 years that It returns. You tell me if that's a coincidence."

(Welp. We have confirmation. This is creepy as hell.)

The actor went on to tell us that the movie is "beautiful and funny and real," but you "might want to wear a diaper to the theater."

Say no more, dude. We're on Pampers.com right now.

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