Tory MP Michael Fabricant Set For Channel 4 Show Celebrity First Dates, Says May

A colourful Tory backbencher will try to find love on a television dating show, Theresa May has revealed.

The Prime Minister told a bemused House of Commons that Michael Fabricant will appear on Channel 4 programme Celebrity First Dates.

Mr Fabricant, who has previously described himself as “not exclusively gay”, had raised the West Midlands’ bid to host the Commonwealth Games when the PM made the revelation.

Mrs May said: “I have noticed that he is shortly to appear on a Channel 4 programme called Celebrity First Dates.

“What I’m not sure about is whether he is the celebrity or the first date.”

The celebrity version of the popular reality show has previously included television presenter Esther Rantzen, EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood and weather presenter Sian Lloyd.

Singletons are paired up for dinner at a central London restaurant and the date, as well as their reaction afterwards, is filmed.

Mr Fabricant, 67, instantly recognisable in Parliament for his unmistakable thatch of blond hair, was treated for prostate cancer last year.

The Lichfield MP was first elected in 1992 and has been a party whip as well as a former Tory vice chairman.

Mr Fabricant said he was taking part to raise money for Cancer Research, which would receive his £25,000 fee.

“Yes! I’m afraid it’s true,” he tweeted.

“I’m doing it for charity and Cancer Research UK will receive £25,000. (Me, not a penny).

“But what a hoot …….”