29/09/2017 14:50 BST | Updated 29/09/2017 14:51 BST

Classic Car Enthusiasts, Here's A Chance To Feast Your Eyes And Maybe Start Your Own Collection

"Works of art that can take you back in time."

Recently opened Creative Rides in Bryanston is a dream come true for classic car enthusiasts.

Founded by Kevin Derrick and Bryce Roberts, the showroom-slash-art-gallery specialises in U.S. models, but also carries several European beauties.

They have brands such as Aston Martin, Mustang, Chevrolet, Porsche, Ferrari and Dodge, spanning from the 1940s to the 2010s. One can also find classic "café racer" motorbikes and more modern retro-style bikes.

Creative Rides

"Art collections have traditionally been the driver for passion investing, and classic cars are now also recognised as a highly profitable asset class," said Derrick. He has been collecting classic cars for the past 30 years.

Further, South Africa is rich in older cars, so the car culture is thriving, he explained.

Creative Rides

Classic cars are known to consistently rise in value and have provided an investment return of 404% over the past 10 years, according to the Historic Auto Group International Index.

Apart from their profitability, the founders believe that collecting cars offers nostalgic value as well as the opportunity to own a piece of timeless art.

Creative Rides

"Many people see these beautiful cars as works of art that can take you back in time. This is why our showroom can so easily be likened to an art gallery," reasoned Derrick. "These cars were manufactured in a time that design was more important than function."