29/09/2017 14:00 BST | Updated 29/09/2017 14:00 BST

Deadpool Or Wonder Woman: Which Of These 7 Superheroes Are You?

Even though superheroes are fictional characters, you can sometimes align their personalities to your own.


If you are a lover of comics, you may often find yourself fantasising about which superhero you could have been in a parallel universe.

Now, even though superheroes are fictional characters, you can sometimes align their personalities to your own.

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Whether you are a good guy like Superman or a straight up ar**hole like Deadpool, HuffPost SA has the answer as to which superhero you are in the parallel universe, based on your personality.

Superman -- The Good Guy

If you are a good guy at heart and do not always take credit in helping others, you, my friend, are Superman. Superman does not crave attention, he prefers to stay low-key -- but he is also a leader.

Superman is selfless. He prefers to put others first, but is always there to save the day, and in terms of women, you only have eyes for one lady. Superman is strong-hearted but also emotionally vulnerable.

Superman characteristics: Introvert, humble, strong-hearted, moral and compassionate

Batman -- The Loner

If you just prefer doing things alone, without having to team up with anyone and having things in your control, you are Batman. Now, even though you are a loner, you cannot accept the fact that you need certain people to help.

If you are deeply scarred you feel you have a purpose for redemption. You are intelligent, willing to learn, and can be associated with wealth, but ultimately you want to help people and see bad people suffer.

Batman characteristics: Loner, intelligent, wealthy, purpose-driven, deeply scarred, wise man

Deadpool -- The Ar**hole

You are the cockiest bastard on earth. You thrive on making fun of and humiliating people -- but you can back up your ego with your heroics. Deadpool was the athlete who used to outperform everyone in school and rub it into everyone's face.

As much as Deadpool is cocky, he is the type of character you hate to love. But if you look deeper beyond the ego, you will find that Deadpool is a caring and sensitive character who craves for nothing but love, attention and a good a** whopping.

Deadpool characteristics: Egocentric, arrogant, damaged, heroic, brave, showman

Wonder Woman -- The Bold Feminist

Wonder Woman is exactly what her name says, you are a wonder of a woman. You are the alpha-female, no one dares to disrespect you, and you highly value the image and ideology of not just women, but yourself.

In a male-dominated society, you choose not to be submissive and you prefer doing things on your own. Above anything else, you are a goddess and you are beautiful.

Wonder Woman characteristics: Feminist, strong character, beautiful, alpha-female, bold

Iron Man -- The Narcissist

Like Tony Stark, who is Iron Man, everything is about you. You want to be recognised as the guy who won, the guy who did it all and you pay the price to be the main man. You are also funny, influential and actually smarter than people think you are.

You are a genius, you honestly want to change the world around you, but you also put yourself first. You love women and women love you, and guys hate you. You use your arrogance to protect yourself from getting hurt, however, nobody can deny that you are the man.

Iron Man characteristics: Sarcastic, arrogant, powerful, funny, visionary, self-expressor

Spiderman -- The Cool Guy

Just like Spiderman, you know that you are cool, but you are often insecure because people do not recognise your potential and your worth. You are that young, cool guy that everybody loves.

You are young, fun, adventurous, and have a soft spot for smart girls. You are an extrovert and enjoy the fulfilment of making people happy. You are also a hero in most people's eyes.

Spiderman characteristics: Fun, adventurous, brave, young-hearted

Joker -- The Villain

Sometimes you do not have to be a hero, sometimes you can keep it fun and crazy like the Joker. As much as no one wants to admit, some bad guys are admirable for their character, and sometimes you don't have to be a hero.

After all, why so serious?