Set Your Reminder, Get Your Sequins Ready, It's Show Time -- Papa Penny Is Back

Season Two of the reality show is starting!
Season Two of the reality show is starting!

The day has finally come for the return of reality series "Papa Penny Ahee" and the premiere is on Mzansi Magic on Wednesday night at 8pm.

Real name Eric Kobane, the Tsonga disco king first let the world in on his private life in season 1. He introduced us to his Gaza Palace (man cave), his wife and his daughter, Nomination. We also got to watch him try to connect with long-lost family.

This season, Papa Penny will not only share the reality of being a Disco King, but we will be lucky enough to see his gold statue.

In season one, the father of 18 set tongues wagging when he revealed that, contrary to the term yellowbone (often used to describe light-skinned people), he identifies more with "Goldybone" as he believed he was not black but rather a "Goldy" colour.

In July, Papa Penny honoured himself with a gold statue saying he would rather honour himself while he's still alive than wait for others to do so when he's no longer around. The statue stands alongside other animal statues in his yard.

Although we never know what Papa Penny will say or do next, we know we're guaranteed great viewing pleasure because there is never a dull moment.

Over and above being a father to 18 children and a recording artist, Papa Penny is also a ward councillor in the Greater Giyani Municipality -- and now a reality-TV star.

The show airs on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161.