Teacake Is Sent ‘Into Space’ To Spark Interest In Science

Teacake Is Sent ‘Into Space’ To Spark Interest In Science

Scientists have launched a Tunnock’s Teacake “into space” as part of a fun experiment to spark people’s imagination about science.

The Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) team launched “Terry” the Teacake from Houston, Renfrewshire, at lunchtime on Friday.

The sweet treat, attached to a weather balloon, was airborne for two hours and four minutes.

It took one hour and 29 minutes to reach a peak altitude of 37,007 metres.

The teacake, which landed in a tree in Galloway Forest Park, was said to be “pretty intact” after the adventure.

The experiment was streamed on Facebook, with 33,000 people watching.

GSC chief executive Dr Stephen Breslin said: “We engage people with space science every day, and we thought what better way to spark people’s imaginations and interest in STEM than for us to launch something into space ourselves.

“We are delighted by how many people joined us at GSC, and online, to watch Terry’s space adventures.”

The teacake has not been eaten.

GSC said it will release another video next week, when it will “give another one of Scotland’s beloved treats the science treatment.”


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