18/10/2017 13:52 BST | Updated 19/10/2017 02:34 BST

Instagram-Inspired Travel Agency To Lure Londoners To Scotland

Tourism bosses hope to attract more visitors to Scotland through a world-first Instagram travel agency.

Visitors to the temporary shop in Charlotte Street, London, can plan a bespoke trip to Scotland based on their favourite pictures posted by other travellers on the social media site.

Pictures tagged #ScotSpirit are displayed on floor-to-ceiling Instagram walls and visitors to the agency, open from Wednesday until Saturday, can build up an itinerary of places, restaurants and attractions across the country.

Charlie Smith, director of marketing at VisitScotland, said: “As a destination we are keen to develop and deliver our powerful national story, giving a respectful nod to the past but portraying a modern, welcoming and dynamic Scotland.

VisitScotland’s first ever Instagram travel agency in central London (VisitScotland/PA)

“We’re proud of the fact that VisitScotland has the biggest tourism Instagram account in Europe, with over 370,000 followers.

“People love our feed not only for the stunning photographs – often taken by our visitors – but also because they discover the immense and unexpected variety of things they can see and do in Scotland.

“Our biggest number of Instagram followers come from London, so by extending that traditional Scottish hospitality and opening the world’s first Instagram Travel Agency in London, we hope to inspire them to come to Scotland to experience it for themselves.”