Love Was Literally In The Air For This Kissing Skydiving Couple

Love is in the air

This gives new meaning to the phrase "air kiss."

A skydiving couple in southern England recently locked lips for an astonishing 32 minutes and 20 seconds while flying inside a wind tunnel.

Andy Godwin, 49, smooched nonstop with girlfriend Katy Eady, 39, while suspended on a 70 mph bed of air at the iFLY indoor skydiving center in Milton Keynes in June. Video of their stunt went viral this week.

"Katy and I have been together just a few months so this was a fantastic way to combine our two favourite things, kissing and indoor skydiving," said Godwin, who is an instructor at the center, via a press release.

He admitted it was "no easy feat" and that the exertion had left them both "exhausted." "But it was a great laugh," he added.

Check out the highlights of their stunt above, and the full video below: