What The Papers Say – October 23

What The Papers Say – October 23

Speculation over Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Budget, Brexit and gender identity issues provide fodder for Monday’s papers.

Comments from a Government minister on the fate of Britons who have joined Islamic State have also caught the attention of several editors.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, Rory Stewart warned that the only way to deal with foreign fighters is to kill them in “almost every case”.

Alongside the Tory MP’s stark words, The Times leads with a report that Mr Hammond has been warned by fellow Cabinet members that he faces an ambush from his own backbenchers over the rumoured contents November’s financial statement.

The i also carries Budget speculation on its front page, but focuses on possible new measures by the Government to build new homes by relaxing its austerity-led policies.

The Guardian follows up a leaked draft of a letter from UK business leaders to Brexit Secretary David Davis urging him to organise a transition deal or risk losing British jobs and investment.

Meanwhile the Financial Times says it has heard from a series of high-profile business leaders who sharply criticise the “state of capitalism”.

The Daily Telegraph says an investigation by the paper has found the number of patients leaving Britain to undergo medical treatment overseas has trebled.

The Daily Mirror reports on “record” figures that show 50 children a week, some as young as four, are being referred to doctors at a gender identity clinic.

Meanwhile The Sunsays the Government has been criticised for trying to “ban” the term “pregnant women” in case it offends transgender parents.

The Daily Express says the UK will be hit by 11 more storms before the end of Winter.


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