What The Papers Say – November 2

There is just one man featured on the front of Thursday’s papers – Sir Michael Fallon. His resignation as Defence Secretary means readers will be waking up to find out who will replace one of Westminster’s most senior and experienced players.

The Guardian picks out Sir Michael’s statement, which said his behaviour had “fallen below the high standards required”, with the paper saying the Tories are now “struggling to contain the growing scandal about sexual harassment at Westminster”.

The Sun stays true to form with the pun: Fallon his sword, calling him the most high-profile casualty of the Westminster scandal. It says his decision was sparked by its report that he had repeatedly put his hand on a journalist’s knee at a dinner in 2002.

The Times reports on Downing Street’s fears that more ministers could follow Sir Michael out of Westminster, as the Telegraph says the scandal has claimed its “first scalp”.

The Daily Mirror calls it a “sex storm”, again giving Sir Michael the title of the “first casualty” of the “sex pest scandal”. Dustin Hoffman also features on the front page, with the paper reporting on accusations made against the Hollywood star.

The Metro focuses on Sir Michael’s letter to Theresa May which said he had fallen short of the standards expected by the military.

While the Financial Times is one of the few to avoid the words “scandal” or “sleaze” in its headline, but calling his resignation a “heavy blow” for Theresa May’s minority government.