Who Is Sue? Twitter Campaign Launched To Help Decipher Cryptic Field Message

A cryptic message has appeared in a field in an Oxfordshire town, prompting police to launch a Twitter campaign to decipher it.

A picture tweeted by National Police Air Service (NPAS) Benson shows the letters “SUE x” mysteriously etched into a field in Tetsworth, near Thame.

Alongside the picture, the force asked: “Does anyone know Sue just south of #Tetsworth, the other side of the M40?! #WhoIsSue #p1526”

In a subsequent tweet, the service encouraged internet users to share the message “far and wide”.

Twitter users were quick to jump on the case, offering various suggestions as to who, or what, “Sue” might be.

One said: “Could be a loved one of that person trying to get it on google maps to show how much they love her maybe?”

Another Twitter user suggested Sue “must be a pilot”, while another concluded: “Those aliens are getting ever more sophisticated!”

“You sure it’s not an advert for a local law firm,” another tweeter volunteered.

One user poked fun at the “X”, in reference to the latest iPhone, and said: “Has she launched a new tenth anniversary phone too?”

But one hopeful local tweeted: “I’m Sue from Oxfordshire but doubt someone did this for me.”

NPAS Benson did not offer any further clues on social media and has been contacted for comment.