07/12/2017 01:12 GMT

What The Papers Say – December 7

Political issues both at home and abroad make the front pages of Thursday’s papers.

While British Prime Minister Theresa May continues to face mounting pressure to break the Brexit deadlock, US President Donald Trump has also come under fire for his decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal.

The Daily Telegraph reports that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker fears Mrs May’s Government could collapse as early as next week if a divorce deal is not reached.

The paper says support for the PM from Eurosceptic Tory MPs is “ebbing away” and describes an “air of chaos” around Mrs May.

The i features the headline “CLEULESS”, and says Chancellor Philip Hammond admitted the Cabinet had not yet discussed details of the UK’s preferred long-term relationship with the EU.

The paper reports that Number 10 “publicly rebuked” the Chancellor over his “divorce bill outburst”.

Tensions between the Prime Minister and Mr Hammond are also picked up in The Independent, which carries a headline of “Brexit breakdown”.

The paper also features a striking image of photographs of Donald Trump being set on fire, saying that the President risks a “fire with no end”.

The Guardian, meanwhile, reports that Mr Trump “enraged the Arab world” and “defied global opposition” when he declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The paper says that the President claimed it to be a “long overdue” step to advance the peace process.

But the move brought immediate condemnation from world leaders who had previously said it would be a destabilising factor in a turbulent region, the paper adds.

Elsewhere, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson declared British people who fought for Islamic State should not be allowed home, the Daily Mail reports.

And The Times says that cancer patients and people with mental illness are going without essential medicines due to drug shortages.

The Sun claims police were called when a neighbour of Simon Cowell launched a rant over parking, while the Daily Mirror says a man has appeared in court accused of urging jihadis to attack Prince George at school.