What The Papers Say – December 23

What The Papers Say – December 23

Blue is the colour, Johnson is the name… Saturday’s papers feature the latest on British passports getting a new hue post-Brexit and the Foreign Secretary meeting his Russian counterpart in Moscow.

Bitcoin also features on the fronts after the value of the cryptocurrency fell 30% in one day.

The Guardian leads with potential problems with the new blue passports, with the paper carrying warnings from Brussels that the new documents could lead to travel delays and extra paperwork. Their report adds that regardless of passport colour, British citizens may lose the right to use ‘fast-track’ lanes after the country leaves the bloc.

The Daily Mail carries calls for the new British passports to be made in Britain in a contract worth up to £490 million. MP Jacob Rees-Mogg told the paper “symbolism” was important and they should be printed on these shores.

The i leads with Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow, where he held a “highly charged” meeting with his opposite number Sergei Lavrov.

The Times and the Daily Telegraph both feature the same picture of Mr Johnson outside St Basil’s Cathedral in the Russian capital, with the former leading with a story about a pay-per-mile road charging system for lorries being considered, while the Telegraph says donors to pro-Brexit campaign groups have accused HMRC of a “political attack”.

The Financial Times says investors in Bitcoin were “spooked” by warnings from watchdogs about security, with the value falling by nearly a third.

The Sun carries a report on anger at Cadbury’s after selection box favourite Fudge was replaced by Dairy Milk Oreo bar.


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